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24. World Problems

6. 1. 2008

24. World problems

Everyone has some problems, but the world problems are more serious. I think, that the most serious problem is pollution. Other environmental problems are acid rain, ozon layer, cutting down the rainforests and so on. Pollution is everywhere. It affects water, air, people, land, animals and plants. Pollution is created from smoke, dust, and smells of car and lorry exhaust and also factories where fossill fuels are burned. Smoke contains SO2 (sulphur dioxide), NO (nitrogen oxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CO (carbon monoxide). These gases are mixed with water in clouds and it causes acid rains. Acid rains destroy big rainforests which we need, because big rainforests in Africa and India are the „lungs of the world“.

I think, that we should protect the invironment and nature. For example we can save energy, save water, we can sort out the garbage, we can use unleaded petrol or use the sprays without CFC gases.

It´s also a big world problem. I think, that it´s a big danger for the future. Terrorists usually are fanatic people. They want to kill as many people as possible. Everyone remembers 11th September 2001. Two jet airliners were hijacked and they crashed into the twin towers of World Trade Center in New York. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Many innocent people were killed. The terrorists were Muslims. Their mastermind was Osama bin Laden. He´s a member of Taliban in Afghanistan. In WTC there weren´t only Americans, but also many people of various nationalities and faiths. There were Chtistians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Buddhists. . . so it wasn´t attack only against the USA, but against the whole west world.


Every year a lot of people living in rural areas leave their homes and move to the big cities to change their lives.

But why do they need to migrate to big cities? In fact, there are three main reasons why people migrate. Those are: Developed machines which are used instead of people, the increase in people in rural areas and insufficient social conditions.

First, people used to work on the fields to produce vegetables and fruits but then this changed.

Due to the development of technology, farmers bought some sophisticated machines which made productivity better and preferred using those machines to villagers. Therefore, unemployment appeared. As a result of this, villagers began to migrate to big cities. The final reason of migration is the facilities of big cities. A highly industrialized city has more developed technology, better education system, high life standarts, well- paid jobs, good working conditions and health care system which is probably the most important factor. Those things attract country people to live in big cities.

Sales of human organs

On a black market it trades with almost everything. The relative news is the sale of human organs. It´s very lucrative business, but also inhuman. I don´t mind letting my body cut up for the science purposes after I die, but I want to have a proof that my organs will be used exactly for the right purposes. Some people carry an organ donor card, which allows doctors to take parts of their bodies if they are killed or died. It´s effective - save one life when other ends. Many people strictly criticize it and they say that it´s against human dignity. My opinion is: when it helps, why not? There is also idea to use animal organs in human beings. But it can be misused - animals will be killed and it will causes other problems.


Racism has existed since white men settled the New world and made slaves from original population. It goes on till nowadays. As racism we consider hate against „black people“, gypsi and also against people who worship some religion. For example Jews are repeatedly targets of attack. Our republic has been known in the world as the state where racism flourishes, namely against gypsies and coloured people. Foreign students are being attacked, especially by skinheads.

Unemployment, poverty and famine

Unemployment, poverty and famine are problems present mainly in the countries of the Third World and also in big cities as New York, L.A., Ciudad de México, Paris... The number of unemployed has still been rised. It causes many other problems - poverty, loss of the sense of life, using drugs, criminality...Especially in Africa and Asia there are many millions of people in a state of absolute poverty. Also illiteration is connected with this continent. It´s sad, but now there aren´t any solutions how to solve this problems even though they are very serious and they mostly touch the humanity. It exists some programs for helping those countries and poor, sick people living here, but there isn´t chance to help all of distressful people.

Epidemies and diseases of mankind

Epidemies and diseases of mankind means also great problems. New and new kinds and mutations of existed infections are borned nearly every day. The medicine isn´t able to adapt because it misses money. Flu, bird flu, SARS, plague, malaria and others are diseases which threaten us. Perhaps the biggest threat is virus HIV which causes AIDS. There are many millions of people infected and all of them are able to infect other people. This is caused by the virus, which destroys white blood cells. The body´s deffence of infected person isn´t working properly. People are more inclined to get illnesses which the body would normaly be able to fight off easily.


Globalisation should have brought progress and prosperity to the developing countries, but they have caused the break-up of social, political and cultural structures.

Solutions - everybody knows what should be done, but the main problem is, how to do it, where to get money, how to persuade people to change their habits, their way of life, minds... Many things ale clear - all the wars should be stopped and people should live in peace. Everybody should have a home, a job, an education, nobody should be hungry. There should be less stress and hate...

We should protect our world and we must fight with world problems.

Pollution- znečištění

enviromental- životní prostředí

affect- působit

dust- prach

lorry- nákladní vůz

exhaust- výfuk

fuels- paliv

burned- spálený, spalovaný

contain- obsahovat

protect- hájit

unleaded- bezolovnatý

hijack- unést

innocent- nevinný

mastermind- vedoucí

rural- venkovský

development- vývoj

instead- místo (něčeho)

increase- zvýšení

insufficient- - nedostatečný

conditions- podmínky

due- důsledek

unemployment- nezaměstnanost

result- výsledek

purpose- účel, záměr

donor card- darovací karta

misuse- zneužití

settle- usadit se, kolonizovat

consider- považovat

target- cíl

foreign- zahraniční

illiteration- negramotnost

plague- mor

threaten- hrozba

cells- krvinky



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